Account-Ability Consulting

Welcome to Account-Ability Consulting!

I have spent the past seven years researching, implementing and lecturing on Section 404 compliance, internal control and risk management.

During this time I worked with organizations throughout the United States and globally, large and small public companies as well as private and non-profit organizations.

I continuously observe the same compliance challenges among smaller public companies (non-accelerated filers) including limited financial resources, lack of both personnel to complete the compliance implementation initiative and lack of internal compliance expertise.

However, these non-accelerated filers have the same compliance requirements as their larger counterparts. Non-compliance is not an option.

I have chosen to focus my efforts on supporting these smaller organizations. I understand and am particularly sympathetic to their unique challenges.

My objective is to help clients economically manage their compliance activities.

Based on my experience as well as extensive client and auditor interaction, I have developed a service that specifically addresses the budgetary and resource constraints in addition to the compliance needs of smaller public companies. It is a practical efficient approach that focuses on achieving compliance while minimizing cost.

This approach provides a cost effective solution. It leverages a comprehensive set of templates combined with my vast experience which allows me to expedite the compliance process. The method includes educating internal resources, BOD and AC in order to foster internal organization ownership of on-going compliance activities.

In addition, this method gives an organization implementation options depending on its budget, internal resources & expertise.

The PCAOB & SEC guidance emphasis on a top-down risk based approach allows for a streamlined compliance process focused on Entity Level controls. Implementation is concentrated on identification and risk ranking in addition to streamlined documentation of key processes and controls followed by testing.

My experience allows me to rapidly assess each client situation and design an effective practical solution.