Account-Ability Consulting


Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

I provide Section 404 compliance services designed and priced specifically to meet the needs of non-accelerated filers. This service is also suitable for organizations that are planning to go public as well as private or non-profit companies that must comply with investor/contributor funding requirements.

The approach is a combination of templates and process execution that streamlines compliance activity and ultimately delivers an efficient solution. In addition, it minimizes resource needs and thus, provides a cost-effective solution. It is based on numerous years of lessons learned and recently developed leading practices.

I recognize most small organizations do not have the combination of time, experience and resources to undertake all of the required Section 404 activities. The solution allows for outsourcing of the project or a combination of client and external resources.

My experience includes working with the Big Four, middle market and local audit firms. I serve as a liaison between the organization and its audit firm.

Many clients are in the process of compliance activities and/or strengthening their internal controls. In these cases, I provide a rapid assessment of current status and offer advice regarding frequently cited compliance issues, completion of required certification tasks and efficient implementation of internal control improvements.


Risk Management

Recently, there has been a significant increase in focus on risk by organizations of all sizes and status. Many organizations are looking to utilize Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and their focus on financial risk as a platform for expansion of risk consideration and management throughout the enterprise.

I provide a comprehensive service that assists companies with the assessment, planning and practical implementation of risk management plans and solutions.


Education & Training

I provide customized training/education for Board of Directors, Audit Committee and employees focused on the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, compliance requirements and implementation in addition to internal control best practices.

The instruction is designed to provide organizations with the knowledge base and insight necessary to make both initial and on-going compliance planning decisions.

Recently, I have also focused on developing and delivering instruction on International Financial Reporting Standards to all levels of individuals within an organization as they begin to consider the timeline and implementation requirements.


Expert Witness

I am a recognized subject matter expert in the area of internal control, corporate governance and financial system implementation. I review legal case information, provide expert opinion, deposition and testimony in the aforementioned areas.